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Thank You, we have always wanted to get married on the beach, and someplace nice. So we were talking and when the Poker Run idea came up with Kelly my wheels were turning, as well as Friday is 11-11-11 (cool factor). So plan of attack is drive the boat to Miami m-t, wed get in the water Kim flies in wed night, Thurs am can not get a licence until 9am, Poker Run leaves at 10am. Be at the court house at 8:30 waiting by the door like a Xmas shopper at Wallmart, @ 9am go in get a lic, get out get back with all the luggage and on the boat by 10am to head to KW ..... We will definitely have some ballasts in the bow with the 2 girls plus a wedding to hike all the gear to KW. Friday @ 4:15 we sign up at Smathers Beach stairway 11with the steel drums and all...... so here we go!!! Wish me luck and I just hope she doesnt bail as far as I can see my stock can only go UP!!

Congrats Nolan! We will be there as well. Sounds like a hell of a plan, hope it all works out for you