Your box was full so I replied here.

Hey there!
Until now she did almost a 100% turnaround. She actually wanted to play! They've had her on steroids since that post. Until this last wknd she was ok. Now she's showing symptoms of the trmt again. Like coughing, breathing real heavy & sometimes throwing up a little when coughing, typical. But she's still eating & drinking. So, I'm sure she's okay.

Her steroids got cut back to every other day last week so I'm thinking that's why she's showing symptoms.? Her next trmt is next Monday. I can only hope she will do better with the next 2 trmts.

Thank you so much for your concern. I really appreciate all your help. There's a pix of her w/ my 2 kids under member galleries? under NASDBOy's Crew.

Take care!