Finally got the boat back. Go for test ride with owner and everthing ok. I took the boat out the next weekend and fuel pressure guage not working properly. It read 8 lbs but not moving from there. I told him in the beginning that I had concerns about the condition of the regulators and senders and said to replace them. Well he did not. I spoke with him on Monday and said I was going on vacation Tuesday and if he could overnight new ones (he is 1.5 hrs. away) and he said ok and they will be there by 10:30 am. Tues. comes and no parts. I take the boat anyway (2.5 hrs. away) because I can still run the boat at cruising speed. Then I find one of my intercoolers is leaking! Thanks Cp performance for getting me a new one by 10:00 am the next day! So it is Thurs. and I still have the fuel pressure issue and I decide to tinker. Well I crossed some wires, blew something and now the fuel pumps won't work. Boat is done for the the rest of my vacation. We decide to go home early. I called the mechanic and tell him I am coming home early and will bring the boat down on Sat. (tomorrow) I am driving home and with 45 min. left in my trip, I check my mirrors and lots of smoke comming from last wheel on drivers side. Lost the bearings, on the Cross Bronx Expressway!! With a triple axil trailer I just took the wheel off and limpted home. I make it home and find out that my mechanic never even sent the parts!! So now I cannot take it down there and have decided not to and wash my hands of this ass. This is strike 3 for marinas and I will be taking it back to my truck mechanic who is the only one that can fix my boat! There will be more threads on this, with names.