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Hayim In For Long Island Run in Early August, Out for Aronow Event

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Default Hayim In For Long Island Run in Early August, Out for Aronow Event

The very latest,

Things changed pretty fast in offshore racing.
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Thumbs down a way to hurt the race

Originally Posted by Matt Trulio View Post
The very latest,

Things changed pretty fast in offshore racing.
arhhh its not a race when you ***** out of running with real racers on a set date. yeh maybe he can show up at key west a month early race by himself and call himself a new world champ. what really get my azz is his comment last year, calling the new record a lie basically. Matt I didn't read your post to many real racers and boaters called me and told how pissed they are. since I don't give a hoot, I'm posting and this single run should not count. hell stuwie pointed the finger at the guy last year of not timing the race right now he is using him that day $$$$$$$$$. sorry this should not count and who ever wins this year at the real race is the winner new record holder. not some ex racer who got jealous last year, went out built a new toy and then builds a new toy box to play in cause he's afraid of playing in the big toy box with the other boys. it chit like this that offshore racing will NEVER be like NASCAR. he with the most money WINS or think he does. this is a race on a date with a small handful of other boats and if you don't run with everyone then your a chump not a champ. if TOM didn't roll over in 94 at the keys ,Tom would of finished 1st in a smaller boat over that was a great racer Tom Gentry and did not use air that day, since all the other races couldn't afford it. if he did there was a chance he would have lived. and yes stu we all know now you have had up teen boats NOW that you bragged about it lol. gee know one left a post but me wonder why. DON and TOM would not give up the chance to race against over races like this . later.
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Beat me to it Artie!! Show up on the set race day and break the record like the Joes did in their Outerlimits. Also I recall someone stating that during the originial record run they stopped for fuel ect and stopped the clock........if that is the case Joe's record is more impressive!
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I suppose u can go around the island whenever you want?? but if you want it to count you should run with everyone else. Why should he get to pick and choose a perfect day??? seems like crap to me
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It's a lot easier to "pick a day" in August to run then running the ocean in Sept. The seas are a lot flatter in Aug then in Sept when the wind direction changes with building seas. Plus more likely to have hurricanes off the NE coast pushing bigger waves. I say it's a crock of [email protected]*t for them to pick when they want to wait for perfect water (like they did in there original record) and for the NPBA to agree to it is even more disturbing and a unfair disadvantage to those running at the set date in Sept.
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I suppose u can go around the island whenever you want??
Respectfully disagree. Six started, one outboard and one inboard finished.

Great endeavor, be safe and good luck to all, at anytime.

"2011 Entrants and results:
19’ Monza/Donzi with a 351 Homan and Moody driveline, crewed by Virginia’s Brian Zellner and
Lon Price started and made it to Hempstead Bay before the ignition box failed. Their race finished
early at the end of a rope.

30’ Sonic SS with 350 Chevies, and last year’s winner, Connecticut’s Joe DeFusco with his son, Joe
DeFusco IV, started and made it to the Atlantic Ocean off Montauk Point before one of those
Alpha’s popped.. Their dreams of back-to-back wins dashed, they came home on the trailer.

42’ Outerlimits with 1075 HP’s from Brick, NJ, with Dr. Gabe Jasper and Rolf Papke at the helm,
started and battled for the lead, but lost ‘boost’ when a tensioner bracket broke causing the belt to
fail. They plowed on, holding a pace at 60 mph on one motor. Drive line vibrations signaled the
onset of serious powertrain injury forcing Gabe and Rolf to put it on the trailer at Long Beach.

38’ Fountain Center-Console Sport Fish, “Road Runner”, with quad Mercury 300 HP Outboards,
ran by Norm Salem from Stamford, CT and Bob Kolenberg, Jim Troy and Dan Pickering of
ThinkFast Films. They broke the old Outboard record of 5 hours and 22 minutes by completing the
course in 4 hours and 15 minutes.

25’ Active Thunder with 500 HP was piloted by Chris Philindas of Riverhead, NY, and crewed by
the ‘Phantom Bronx Race Team’. They held third place until Orient Point, where they suffered
engine issues and ended up trailering back with a few crewmembers riding in the boat.

43’ Outerlimits with Ilmor 725 HPs, Joe Cibellis and JoeSgro from New York. Winners when they
completed the course in RECORD TIME: 3 Hours and 5 minutes."

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“They (the entrants in the Sept. 22 event) can chase our record after we set it,” Hayim added, and laughed.


The Greek philosopher Seneca once summed it all up by saying......."Without the dust, there is no glory."

If Mr Hayim goes around the island in a very fast time, good for him and maybe there is a record book out there for the fast run of the day, like for the Staten Island ferry....which does not ocean race either...I guess he could enter his number in that record book, but it has nothing to do with the Around Long Island Race records.

When the races were run and won by guys like Brownie, Odell, Jim Wynne, Sam Griffith and Dick Genth they did it on any day the race was scheduled and against any other racer with any other type of boat they brought to the challenge.

Does anyone doubt that Don Aronow, with all of his resources could not have built the lightest, fastest racer of the day.....and then waited for perfectly flat calm waters and go out and "Break the record." No, he raced on the given race day with whatever conditions prevailed. He never won the race, but boy he sure tried and for that he is still honored and esteemed these many years later.

The past winners of the race..... and that includes the first Joe with his 31 foot Sonic two years ago and the two Joes last year with their Outerlimits ....are the only legitimate claimants to a record run in a race. And they should be the only ones recognized.

I think that if you are not capable of winning a real open ocean water race.... against any and all odds, Don would probably be just as happy if you didn't enter and get in the way of the real competitors.
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“They (the entrants in the Sept. 22 event) can chase our record after we set it,”
Sounds like a gauntlet and opportunity (to me)! And NASCAR should race in the rain.

Some old stuff; for context, take care.

This is cool : 1903 - 2001

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Multiple boats can show up for an event it is called a race, in an attempt to break a record. One boat goes it alone and tries to break a record, like Gentry from England to the USA, or Dr. Bob Magoon, George Morales or Pepe Nunez from Miami to New York, or Howard Arneson down the Mississippi River but other boats were not present and participating the record breakers new record should not count? Flawed logic. That appears to be what I get out of the previous post either directly or impliedly.

I disagree with the previous posts, what is their to be scared of, he takes his CAT out there, with his hopefully reliable Mercury power and breaks the record, what's the problem? Is it because it is not an OL? Get over it. Records are meant to be broken, I do not care when you do it just do it! It is the same body of water, the same distance, it race if you want multiple boats participating, he is going for a record just like any other race-record setter has done in the past. Maybe he breaks it , or maybe he fails, but at least he tried, and for him just making that attempt - good for him. I wish I had the resources and the boat capable of trying to break the record. And if you haven't figured it out by now, the record breakers always seem, and are the wealthy, with great resources comes great results (or potentially great results).

As Jimmy Spencer would say on the Speed Channel, "you all need the crying towel." Let anyone who wants to try the break the record do it whenever they want, but I do like the Around Long Island Run event, to me it is now my favorite offshore event, other than Key West (which is race in miles, not against a time clock).

Pictures of the Miami to NYC record setters..what is not to understand? They raced the clock over a set distance.....tell these racers their record should not count because other boats did not participate, really?
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Where is the youtube of the SS United States racing Branson in the Atlantic for the Blue Riband?

"they raced the clock over a set distance" Great pictures, thanks! Agree 100%! Got any pictures from Miami -NYC - Miami?

Cat's win:

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