Hey I just wanted to thank the guys from Lakeport for carting my butt over to Docknockers Sunday night. Danny thanks for dinner and the Donzi rep (Ryan) for picking up the cocktails.

(captain) Jim Im still thinking about that offer of "even up" my Sea Ray for the Trojan...........Im certain you remember that.......lol.......

Anyway sorry I was a party pooper and had to bail on you but I did make it to my appointment in the am and when I saw the Moose on Monday afternoon I was definitely feeling his pain.......... I think he was on the road to recovery though ........As I was leaving he was calling in Pizza

Too bad I didnt have a hitch on that van to hook up to that other "even up" trade you had for me on that 38 Donzi. We will have to get MissAmy to come and look them over on our next trip down.