I see people spending thousands...ookay tens of thousands on power increases and more speed.

I rarely see people chatting about safety gear.

For the racers on the board:
If my boat was offered with a max speed of 63mph from the factory, then I juice the snot out of it and make the thing go 100.......

Do you think that there should be an investment in some safety gear?
I dont mean a Halon system either......I mean helmets? 4 point type harness? Special life jackets??
What would you say are "staple" safety items to have in the event of a crash at high speed to save your life?

I have seen a lot of crashes during the races. I dont think the drivers would get out like they do if they were sitting in a stock seat of a Baja or Checkmate.......

I mean what would happen to you if you stuffed the bow at 90 and had no restraints?

Actually, I think belts and helmets could be turn ons for the women