Not only do I owe Chris big time for fabricating the parts I needed to get my boat running but last night he saved me from possibly hurting my self and others.

I been sick for a week now and haven't had a days rest for weeks. I been working on the boat every night till after midnight and ran my self to the brink of exhaustion. What in the world I was doing out last night was beyond me. I had 4 Red Bulls and was almost passing out at the diner table. No way was I driving yet alone pulling a 28" boat home. I thought about sleeping in the boat for a bit but it was 92 degrees out. Thanks to Chris and a friend they offered to go out of there way and drive me home. They probably saved me from an accident or even worse, wrecking the boat after all the work I put in it. Thanks a bunch dude. I owe you again. See you tonight at gullies.