Biggus, It looks like your neighbors are turning up the heat. I just received the Bridgton news paper in the mail and on the front page is a article about noise problems on Long Lake and Brandy pond. The Title is "Wardens say force stretched thin to contend with noise on the waterways". here are a few interestings lines..

"When we get reports of problems on a lake, we give out tickets. We don't even bother with warnings," Warden Place said.

There is one cigarette boat on the lake, David stanley reported monday, who, "if we were talking like this, right next to each other, we couldn't even hear each other when he goes by."

"Long Lake has become a racing lake"

Rosen-Ducat said that many who live around the lake had told him they would fork over whatever money it took to control speeding, reckless and noisome boating on Long Lake.

Good luck dealing with these people