A woman is at abar drinking and depressed. A man walks in and sits down next to her. He, too, is drinking and depressed. After a time, the man ask the woman, "What are you so depressed about?"

She says, "My husband left me because he thought i was to kinky."

He says, "Really? My wife left me bacause she thought i was to kinky too!"

They order another drink, and she says to him, "Hey listen, we're both adults here, and it looks like we might have a little something in common...whaddya say we go back to my place and see what happens?"

He says, "Sounds like a great idea!" And they finish their drinks and leave.

When they get to her place, she says to him, "Wait right here, I'm going to go change into something a little more comfortable."

She goes to her be! droom ad puts on some black lether boots with six-inch heels, a leather miniskirt, a rubber bra with the nipples cut out, a dog collar and a leather hood. She then grabs a riding crop and some handcuffs and saunters out to the living room where she sees the guy putting on his coat and hat and heading out the door.

"Where ya going?" she asks. I thought we were going to get kinky?"

"Hey," he says, "I just f*cked your dog and I sh*t in your purse...I'm outta here!"