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THANKS ERIC.I really am glad i got to know all you smack talkers,HA,HA...(who don't like talkin smack to there buds).Can't wait till next year,i heard there gona be this new 39 rocket there with some bad ass EDDIE YOUNG MOTORS in it that everyone is gona be chasin.
Joe at Hustler is checking on a couple of things, see if we can work something out. Might put 525's in the 388 and put my Young Performance motors in the rocket. Then sale or trade the 388, which would be a real nice package and be bullet proof with the arnesons and fast. Joe is real good to work with, he has always made buying a boat alot of fun. And have had good dealings with Randy at Lake Cumberland over the last ten years when trading boats. But we will see how it works out.