Found this @ the Fl. Sportsman website.

"Manatees vs. Pigskins

Could manatee-zone boating restrictions put a nix on Jacksonville’s bid to host Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005? Seems doubtful, but that’s the hot debate among city leaders in Northeast Florida. Permits for two marinas in downtown Jacksonville that Super Bowl organizers hoped would be open before the game have been put on hold by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) because of fear among manatee enthusiasts that boats might strike sea cows.

Locals say that is highly unlikely because almost all manatees vacate the area during winter when water temps in the St. Johns River plummet into the low 50s and high 40s. Outflows where manatees once gathered during North Florida cold spells including a power plant and paper mills are now closed".

Once again, if the All the power plants, paper mills, etc through out Fl. were ALLOWED to COOL their outflow water, (Fl. state law Mandates that these facilities Maintain outflow water @ 68 Deg. or above) then Manatees ALL over Fl. would migrate back south into the Carribeain, (sp?) for the winter! Which would allow the seagrass beds to grow back, ALOT less cold stress related Manatee deaths and it's the Manatee natural migration pattern! There are so many BENEFITS to cooling these discharges, BUT the SMC wants Manatees EVERYWHERE, year round!!
SMC is concerned about their jobs AND NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!