Boot I am RealtorŪ,

First I must get this out of the way; If you have any questions consult an attorney.

Usually when I write a contract for my buyer clients I gve the sellers only untill about 7:00 pm that same day to accept, reject or counter our offer. Do not let the sellers agent use your contract to get others in a bidding war. If the sellers agent is truley working in the sellers best interest he/she will call the agents that have clients on the fence to maybe bring in other offers. The agent might say things like "we have recieved a real strong offer on the house, do your people want to make an offer too? Or maybe something like "well we have an offer, not quite as good as we had hoped do your folks want to bring in an offer too and see what happens.

There is nothing wrong with this and Realtors do it everyday. I would shorten your time the offer is on the table. Realtors talk about offers in their offices.......they are not supposed to but do. If an offer sits on the table long alot of times some other agent in that office will just happen to bring in a little better offer.

Good luck and remember a couple thousand dollars more for a property will only raise your payment about $10.00 so if you really want a house don't be afraid to bid higher, full price or as in our market over list price sometimes.

Ps. you can allways increase your offer and shorten the time period even now.