Here is my question. I have seen Jeffreys Cig pictued in an add in a boat mag for mredonations.com and I have seen BCC's boat on a website that was a dealer (but it didn't list the boat for sale).

My question is, can you use any picture if it is found in the public domain (as long as it isn't copy writed) or you took it yourself and use it in an add?

I assume you can, but as i get to know more peoples boats on here, I have started to see them used as advertizing. It kinda bites for someone to use your expensive toy to help them make money and not even have to ask. If you asked I would probably say yes if I believed in your product, but I am not sure I would want my boat pictured in an add say for a questionable dealership or an insurance company I didn't care for. Not real good examples but you get the meaning.