rico i would agree with you to a point where the incident happened was on the last leg at one of the widest pointswhere I was the 2nd boat through I was in the center of the channel while myway and hoist were way out of the channel.I would like to believe he would of seen no boats were in channel but him and me.It would be much easier for him to turn a jet ski then me.we did turn.As far as handling this cat handles much better at 160 then my old one at 115. As far as safety and resposibility I have a lot of respect for both. A couple of the legs ,in the narrow sections we would slow way down not to pass the slower and smaller boats.we were on the out side once and got squeezed out and washed down with out the 36skater never knowing he came out of his lane.And I do believe peaple just try to get to close to the action.Ran a APBA diviisional race 1st corner of the super cat race a cruiser was right in the 1st corner.So its possible anywhere.have a safe weekend and see you sat Tom