While there are good cops and bad that is true with every profession. I am sure there are guys you work with that have STRANGER practices also. Here is food for thought.

>>The funeral line was long,
>>There's an awful lot of cars,
>>Folks came out of the restaurants,
>>They came out of the bars.
>>The workers at the construction sites
>>All let their hammers drop.
>>Someone asked. "What is this all for?"
>>And they said, "Aw, just a cop."
>>Some chuckled at the passing cars.
>>Some shed a silent tear
>>Some people said, "It's stupid."
>>"All these dumb policemen here."
>>"How come they are not out fighting crime?"
>>"Or in a doughnut shop?"
>>"Sure is a lot of trouble,
>>For someone who's just a cop."
>>They blocked the intersections,
>>They blocked the interstate.
>>People yelled and cursed,
>>"Damn, it's gonna make me late!"
>>"This is really ridiculous!"
>>"They're makin' us all stop!"
>>"It seems they are sure wastin' time,
>>On someone who's just a cop."
>>Into the cemetery now,
>>The slow procession comes,
>>The woeful Taps are slowly played.
>>There's loud salutes from guns.
>>The graveyard workers shake their heads
>>"This service is a flop."
>>"There's lots of good words wasted,
>>On someone who's just a cop"
>>Yeah, just a cop to most folks.
>>Did his duty every day.
>>Trying to protect us,
>>Till they took his life away.
>>And when he got to heaven,
>>St. Peter put him at the top.
>>An angel asked him,
>>"Who was that?"
>>And he said, "Aw, just a cop."