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    Because they couldn't get a Cigarette ????

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    Originally posted by PhantomChaos
    In honor of this thread, I'm not going to shave my face for 4 days.

    Let us know when you look like this...

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    Hey ... that is Norty

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    [size=5]Miami Vice - The BBC Cuts.[/size]

    Season’s One and Two of Miami Vice were screened uncut by the BBC, with the only exception being that they placed the opening teaser sequence after the title sequence instead of before them.

    Between Season’s two and three the Hungerford massacre occurred and the BBC then began to edit violent television programme’s to remove anything which could cause offence. When Miami Vice returned for Season Three, only a few episodes survived the censor’s scissors.

    Season Three.

    1) When Irish Eyes Are Crying. - Banned.

    The BBC banned the Season opener because the story mentioned the IRA and the situation in Northern Ireland.

    2) Stone’s War. - Cut.

    Footage of the priest being shot and killed. After Stone’s cameraman is shot all the footage showing the dead villagers and children was removed. An entire scene was cut where O’Hara tortures Stone. Another entire scene where O’Hara shoots Stone in the leg. In the final shoot-out, O’Hara screaming and shooting Stone was cut.

    3) Killshot. - Cut.

    Every shot of Tico hitting and strangling the prostitute has been removed, this footage appears in at least three scenes. The shots of Tico snorting cocaine and the hallucinations that follow. During the final shoot-out, footage of two men being killed.

    4) Walk-Alone. - Cut.

    An entire scene was cut where Tubbs is told he is a walk-alone and then him seeing his cellmate hanging in his cell. A brief shot of Tubb’s being punched while tied to a chair. Footage of Tubbs using a guard as a shield, then the guard getting shot, followed by Castillo shooting a tower guard.

    5) The Good Collar. - Cut.

    Footage of a dead junkie with a needle in their arm. A lengthy sequence was removed showing several people being beaten up by Count Walker’s bodyguards. After the car blows up, the rest of the scene is cut. This shows a man on fire, Tubbs lying injured and Crockett trying to put the fire on the man out.

    6) Shadow In The Dark. - Shown Uncut.

    7) El Viejo. - Banned.

    Banned by the BBC for excessive violence.

    8) Better Living Through Chemistry. - Cut.

    Virtually all of the shoot-out in the Disco was cut, only brief footage of people firing machine guns exists in the BBC version and no one is seen being shot or killed. The final shoot out is also severely cut. Only one person is killed in the BBC version and all the footage of people actually being shot has been removed.

    9) Baby Blues. - Cut.

    At the start footage of a Columbian woman being hit by a soldier at the start has been removed. The footage of the second gunman being killed by the plane, was cut, he doesn’t appear in the BBC version. A very short cut showing several people shooting Famiglia at the end. Only Crockett shoots him in the BBC version.

    10) Streetwise. - Cut.

    The footage showing the flick knife and the hooker being beaten was cut. During the attack on the cops house all footage of people being shot at and killed have been removed. The final shoot-out has been severely cut so that only three shots are seen being fired. The original contains a lengthy gunfight.

    NOTE- UK Gold’s version has a brief sequence of Crockett talking to the cops wife edited out for timing reasons.

    11) Forgive Us Our Debts. - Cut.

    Footage of Crockett’s partner being shot and thrown against the wall was removed. The killing of Albiero, ends with the gun being pointed. The actual shots being fired and his body slumping have been cut.

    12) Down For The Count - Parts 1 & 2. - Banned.

    Again for excessive violence and the manner of Zito’s death.

    13) Cuba Libre. - Cut.

    A brief shot of a woman at the party snorting cocaine. A brief shot of the drug dealer being hit in the stomach. The footage of the cop being shot through the door. Crockett shooting and killing one of the guerrilla’s. A sequence showing a guerrilla firing a bazooka and blowing up a car. A short edit at the end showing a burst of machine gun fire hitting the windscreen of a car and of Tubbs returning fire.

    14) Duty And Honor. - Cut.

    All the footage of the assassin killing the prostitute. The entire scene of the assassin killing one of the guards. A brief cut of the knife sticking out of the contact’s stomach.

    15) Theresa. - Cut.

    A scene showing Theresa injecting herself with drugs at the hospital. All the footage of the lock-ups guards being killed. The resulting shots of Crockett finding the bodies has also been removed. Another scene showing Theresa injecting herself in a car.

    16) The Afternoon Plane. - Shown Uncut.

    17) Lend Me An Ear. - Cut.

    A lengthy cut of all the footage of the dealer’s mistress being killed and all of the resulting conversation. All the footage showing the money launderer being shot and then being dumped into the river. During the final shoot-out all the footage of people being killed and guns being fired have been removed. The BBC’s version is a complete mess!

    18) Red Tape. - Cut.

    A brief shot of the bomb blast throwing the cop backwards. During the police set-up, a brief shot of the cop being supposedly shot and killed has been removed. During the final shoot-out, footage of Crockett killing one of the bodyguards and the slow-motion footage of Diaz staggering and firing his gun into the ground. The BBC’s version is so badly edited that one scene shows a gun being fired twice but you can still hear the third shot being fired over the next scene.

    19) By Hooker By Crook. - Cut.

    All the footage of the prostitute being strangled. The final shoot-out is severely edited to remove virtually all of the machine gun footage and of people being shot.

    20) Knock, Knock...Who’s There? - Cut.

    A brief shot of a fake DEA agent being killed with a shotgun. Once again the final shoot-out has been severely edited to remove all footage of machine guns being firing and of Crockett firing back.

    21) Viking Bikers From Hell. - Banned.

    Banned again for excessive violence.

    22) Everybody’s In Show-Biz. - Cut.

    A brief shot of the actor swallowing a bottle of pills. Footage showing the use of the flick knife and of the stabbing. Again the final shoot-out is severely edited. Again, all shots of machine guns and of people being killed have been removed. The editing is so large that the song in the background has several verses missing in the BBC version.

    23) Heroes Of The Revolution. - Shown Uncut.

    24) Contempt Of Court. - Shown Uncut.

    25) Amen...Send Money. - Shown Uncut.

    26) Death And The Lady. - Shown Uncut.

    27) The Big Thaw. - Shown Uncut.

    28) Child’s Play. - Cut.

    A brief scene of Crockett putting his head in his hands and saying, "Oh my God, no!" at the start. All the footage of Walker beating up the woman and then of him punching her. A large section of the shoot-out is cut, showing a lot of gunfire and of people being shot.

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    29) God’s Work. - Shown Uncut.

    30) Missing Hours. - Shown Uncut.

    31) Like A Hurricane. - Shown Uncut.

    32) The Rising Sun Of Death. - Cut.

    Very brief cut of the freeze-frame of Avery being drowned. During the shoot-out outside Avery’s office, footage of Crockett shooting one of the assassins and a large portion of Fujitsu firing his machine gun and the killing of another assassin in slow motion. A bizarre cut of an entire scene where Crockett calls Caitlin at home and tells her he is going to be late home. During the shoot-out at the Disco, the second gunshot and the attacker falling into the fountain have been removed.

    33) Love At First Sight. - Cut.

    One small cut at the end of the episode removing two of Crockett’s three gunshots and footage of the killer being thrown backwards.

    34) Rock And A Hard Place. - Cut.

    The pre-title sequence reminding the audience of events that happened in ‘Like A Hurricane’. Most of the end shoot-out involving footage of machine gun fire.

    35) The Cows Of October. - Shown Uncut.

    36) Vote Of Confidence. - Shown Uncut.

    37) Baseballs Of Death. - Shown Uncut.

    38) Indian Wars. - Cut.

    A large section of the opening shoot-out at the stadium is missing. As usual all machine-gun fire and people being shot has been removed. A small edit showing the crossbow hitting Levec and him staggering backwards.

    39) Honor Among Thieves? - Cut.

    One small cut removing the line "Which one of them turns you on?" spoken by Palmo’s bodyguard to Delgado while watching the girls at the fair, thus letting Delgado know that they know he is the killer.

    40) Hell Hath No Fury. - Shown Uncut.

    41) Badge Of Dishonor. - Shown Uncut.

    42) Blood And Roses. - Cut.

    There is an audio cut made when Gina is being raped. The sound of her dress tearing has been dubbed out. During the hit on the restaurant, footage of the doorman being shot, the machine gun being fired and the windows smashing have been removed.

    43) A Bullet For Crockett. - Cut.

    Switek’s flashback about him finding Zito’s body from the episode ‘Down For The Count’ has been removed.

    44) Deliver Us From Evil. - Cut.

    The "Previously on Miami Vice" voiceover was removed. Footage from "Forgive Us Our Debts" showing Franco being shot by Hackman has been removed again. A very large cut of the opening burglary, showing Hackman shooting the man with both the shotgun and handgun, Hackman then shoots the woman as she lies screaming on the floor, all of this has been removed. During the shoot-out at the warehouse, all of the footage has been removed showing the exchange of gunfire and of the machine gun being used. An entire scene was removed showing Blatt beating up his girlfriend.

    45) Mirror Image. - Cut.

    A small section of slow motion footage leading to a freeze frame of Crockett at Manola’s dinner party. When Crockett kills Guteares, the footage of the gun shot and the car window shattering has been removed. When Crockett shoots Tubbs, footage of Tubbs being thrown back against a wall, Crockett shooting him again and then examining the body has all been removed.

    46) Hostile Takeover. - Cut.

    The opening shoot-out at the disco has been cut to remove footage of the dancers being killed by machine guns and of Crockett killing two of the attackers.

    47) Redemption In Blood. - Cut.

    A small cut removing the footage of Cliff torturing and threatening one of El Gato’s men with a flick knife. In the very next scene, the footage of El Gato shooting his machine gun and destroying his room has been removed.

    48) Heart Of Night. - Cut.

    Unfortunately UK Gold screened the edited BBC Version. There looks to be a definite cut during the opening sequence.

    49) Bad Timing. - Cut.

    The entire opening sequence showing a pop concert at a prison and the riot which allows the prisoners to escape has been removed. When Cruz kills the driver, the second gunshot and the driver slumping to the ground has been cut. When the prisoners kidnap the girl, a large amount of the gunfight is cut, removing a lot of the gunfire and footage of two cops being shot. All of the footage of Crockett being punched whilst he is tied up has been removed. When Cruz kills Doc Jerry, four of the five gunshots have been cut and footage of the Doc falling into the lake have been removed. When Crockett punches Cruz into submission, the last three punches have been cut.

    50) Borrasca. - Cut.

    Most of the opening gunfight has been removed. All footage from the moment the car window closes till the gunman on the balcony appears has been removed. This involves machine guns being fired, people being shot and De Garto falling from the car with the dead woman behind him.

    51) Line Of Fire. - Cut.

    During the raid on the hotel, footage of the first gunman firing his gun and then being killed has been removed. The attack by the helicopter has had virtually all of the machine gun footage removed, as well as Crockett killing one of the gunmen, who falls into the sea. The final attack on Crockett’s boat has again had nearly all the machine gun footage removed and of Crockett returning fire. When Crockett and Tubbs shoot Bates, several of the gun-shots have been removed as well as Bates being hit by the bullets.

    52) Asian Cut. - Cut.

    Two cuts removing the scenes where Trudy is tortured and given electric shocks to the feet.

    53) Hard Knocks. - Cut.

    During the shoot out at the end of the episode a section of footage has been removed showing the exchange of gunfire between Crockett and Tubbs and the gunmen.

    54) Fruit Of The Poison Tree. - Cut.

    Footage of Enriquez deliberately shooting Boyle in the foot and then talking to him has been removed. The final shoot-out has been trimmed to remove almost all of the machine gun fire and Crockett and Tubb’s returning fire.

    55) To Have And To Hold. - Cut.

    During the hit at the restaurant, footage of the piano player being shot and killed has been removed. The drug deal at the deserted warehouse has had virtually all of the gunfire and shooting removed, only two shots made it into the BBC version.

    56) Miami Squeeze. - Shown Uncut.

    57) Jack Of All Trades. - Shown Uncut.

    58) The Cell Within. - Shown Uncut.

    59) The Lost Madonna. - Shown Uncut.

    60) Over The Line. - Shown Uncut.

    61) Victims Of Circumstance. - Cut.

    During the opening massacre, the last three gunshots have been removed showing one of the brothers being killed. When Crockett and Switek destroy the shop, footage of them firing their guns has been removed and when the shop explodes, footage of the blast has been removed.

    62) World Of Trouble. - Cut.

    Virtually all of the opening shoot-out when the Havoc gun is stolen has been edited. In the BBC version, the gunmen open fire, Crockett and Tubbs return fire and one gunman is killed. The rest of the lengthy shoot-out has been removed.

    63) Miracle Man. - Shown Uncut.

    64) Leap Of Faith. - Cut.

    During the sequence where the boy jumps from the building, the BBC’s version ends as he steps onto the ledge. Footage of him jumping, falling and the ollowing conversation has been removed.

    65) Too Much, Too Late. - Shown Uncut.

    66) FreeFall. - Cut.

    As Borbown is rescued from his house, footage of Crockett shooting two guards has been removed. When they reach the gates, footage of a guard and Felicia exchanging machine gun fire and the close up of the bullets hitting Felicia have been removed. Footage of Crockett then shooting the guard has also been cut. During the shoot-out at the safe-house, footage of Crockett and Tubbs shooting the second attacker has been completely removed. Footage of Switek leaving his upstairs room, more machine gun footage and all three of them shooting the third and fourth attackers has been removed. At the shoot-out at Borbown’s girlfriends, footage of Crockett shooting the third attacker has been removed. The shoot-out at the wooden hut has been severely edited. All the footage of Switek firing his gun, numerous shots of the machine guns being used, footage of three of the gunmen being killed and the SWAT team shooting has all been removed. When Borbown is supposedly killed, footage of him being shot and falling to the ground has been removed. Strange cut before the final shoot-out, showing footage of Crockett and Tubb’s loading their guns at their lockers has been removed. During the final shoot-out, footage of the three gunmen at the gates being shot has been removed, the gunmen firing and hitting Tubb’s, Crockett grabbing a machine gun and then shooting the gunmen all have been removed.

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    just for the record when Popular Mechanics described the trans axle in Sonny's stunt double as a Pantera trans axle, Pantera and or ford never produced a 5sp trans axle it is a Porshce trans axle

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    Great info on the Vice! Its my alltime favorite show. Looks like you were more addicted than I was. MIAMI VICE was the reason I bought my first boat. The era of the 80's was deffinetly cool Someone told me that there was an episode with a Chris Cat on it that looked just like mine. I don't remember it and I thought that I had seen them all. Do you or anyone else ever remember such an episode?

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    Nort! Fantastic postings..Thanks..It was-is-my favorite TV show


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    Nort nice Job!!
    We had a Boat Shop on 22 nd St in the Miami Vice Days, The Film Company kept a lot of Equipment across the Road .I could tell whenever they were shooting by the activity!

    Aaaahhhh Real good ole days For sure!
    Slippery when wet. "POD" Free Tunnel through Common Sense Engineering

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