I have a set of 28P 4-blade Bravo 1 propellers (part # 48-831915 and 48-831916). Before I put them on the boat, I had them professionally balanced and polished to be sure that the props would perform the very best that would be possible . Then the propellers were tested on the boat. The engines will not operate in the rpm range the manufacture recommends for WOT. These props are just slightly too large for the boat. A pair of 26P 4-blade Bravo 1 propellers would be perfect. So I have a set of 28P props that are better than new because they were balanced and polished after they were bought. I would like to trade even up with someone who has a set of 26P 4-blade Bravo 1 props. You will be getting a VERY nice set of props in exchange I would expect a good quality of 26P props. If you want to keep your hub assembly inserts, that would be fine with me because the hub assembly inserts (part # 835258A 2) I currently have in the props have may 15 hours use and I would like to keep them. The props have only been used in fresh water. Located in Ohio. Email me at: [email protected]