My last two boats came with bottom paint. On the first one, I used a pressure washer with a sand attachment, it wasn't too hard and came out pretty good I think. You have to be careful on convex areas not to go too hard and get thru the gel, I did in a couple spots, but nothing drastic.

The second boat, I took to a place that does bead blasting for corvettes and things. They damn near ruined my hull. There are spots on it that look like it was shot with #8 birdshot. Do not go that route. I did it because they told me it would be much smoother than the sand blast I did on the first boat. BS! The first boat is much smoother. I am having to sand the second boat to smoothe it out, and neet to get the shot holes fixed.

I tried oven cleaner on both. It disolved the paint on the first boat, but still would be a job to wipe it all off. On the second boat (which I believe had much better paint) it didn't even faze the paint. It just cleaned the paint a little.