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I always use 4lo at the ramp. Never have to worry about the truck accidentally sliding on the ramp. Plus the extra mechanical leverage on the parking pawl makes me feel better when I power the boat on. I guess that if you were always carefull to not let the back tires get wet, you could get by without 4wd. I sure wouldn't count on it though.
Tim, if you had a REAL truck you would not need to use 4x4 every time!!! No my friend......S-10's are NOT real trucks!!! LOL!!!!

I have never had to use 4 wheel drive to get my boat out of any ramp, including the cement/gravel/sand ramp at my parents lake (which is quite steep). The limited slip on my Dodge simply walks out with my nearly 7000 lb rig. BUT, I like knowing I have the 4x4 if I need it. And good tires are a MUST. Don't skimp on tires!!!

I also have a 27.5 mile drive to work.....would NEVER consider anything but 4x4. The road between here and there is littered with cars and S-10's (yes, slamming you Cord!!).

Big Trucks Rock!!!!!