My Wife works for G.M. at the Ren-Cen H.Q. she sent this to me last week give it a shot and see if these prices are any good. They even have the Vortec Marine Motor in case you need one... two... three....four ........ MARK YOUR CALENDAR: GM PERFORMANCE PARTS "GARAGE SALE" . . . GM Performance
Parts will be having a "garage sale," featuring discounts on some of its
most popular performance-enhancing parts. The sale runs from Oct. 1 through
Nov. 30 at GM Performance Parts dealers. "These parts aren't just slow
movers -- they represent 76 percent of our sales," said Gary Penn, GM
Performance Parts product specialist. "With discounts to dealers on
approximately 90 of our top-selling parts, including intake manifolds,
cylinder blocks and the ram Jet 502 crate engine, this promotion is one
that customers can't afford to miss." For more information on GM
Performance Parts, visit the GM Goodwrench site at