Driving into work on Friday my Jeep gave a death rattle and died while I was doing 65mph on the way to work - called in today to the shop where I had it towed and was simply told, "It's junk."

So (and this isn't TOO bad)...$1500.00 to have a used (but under warranty) engine installed.

Went out on a friends boat yesterday and came upon a big bunch of people stuck on a dead pontoon. They were pretty close to shore, but I threw them a line, got them to a marina pier that was nearby, and as we got underway the engine started sounding loud and rough and suddenly the temp gauge wouldn't work at ALL.
Quick grab on the hoses confirmed there wasn't any water, so after I check the drive intakes (clear) my buddy pulled some hoses off and we started the engine. water ran through fine, we reassembled, started the engine, and all was good again!
Probably sucked something in when we got close to shore and it blew itself out - I hope!