Well,that was interesting It truely is the granola capitol of the world(lots of fruits,nuts and flakes) But seriously,I had a great time in California.I want to thank Cig1(Gary) and the D-MAN(Ron) for a great boat ride.What a blast a lunch run is on those "dry riding" cigarettes That dry water sure tastes funny when its running down your face though

Tom,I hope you got the bat boat fixed up,that was a real b#$ch.It kind of figures it would pack up at the launch ramp doesn't it?It is one cool lookin boat,thats for sure.

IDRPSTF,thanks for the hospitality,it was great to meet you.Sorry we missed lunch(see above note to Tom)

Thanks to the folks at Eliminator for the tour.Pretty impressive place you have there.

I'll post some pics as soon as I have the time,right now I need to get my shop back to normal,mayhem is a great way to get back into the work mode after 9 days away

Thanks again guys,it was a great time.