For those who did not catch Cramers thread regarding the 36' Envision please reference this:

Quote's from new board member Number 1:

"what would I pay? - Nothing...

I don't think much of Envision boats. If you do your homework you'll find out they do not hold their value and for good reason. Try to find a few ex-Envision owners (one's that have sold their boats...not one's selling) and you'll get some not-so-good news...."


"would you prefer people lie to him and have him invest his hard earned money an possibly sign a long term financial committment in a boat that literally falls apart underneath him as he's driving it?

Why don't you ask sterndrivespec about Envision boats and his experience trying to keep thses things together?

as much as it might dismay you... I'm doing the guy a favor instead of biting my tongue...

pardon me for utilizing the forum for it's intended purpose."

WELL - I did as Number 1 suggested and emailed sterndrivespec. Here is his reply (posted with permission):

"hi,i am afraid that i dont have much info on them.they are made off the old searay pachanga molds.they look pretty good from what i have seen.i have not heard any horror stories about them.chris"

Thanks Chris!

Oh, and Mr. Number 1: