I just sent the following e-mail to Fantasy of Flight in Lakeland Florida. If you want to help get the Unlimited Hydros and more to Florida please visit (it's a graet place) Fantasy of Flight and/or send them e-mail supporting the possibilty of races in 2003.
You can get more info at: [email protected]
I also have a photo album of the Cypress extravaganza at:
Cypress Gardens-
Date: 10/12/2002 9:20:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To: [email protected]

Many of my friends and I attended the recent F1 races at Cypress Gardens. WOW, what a show, and the Bud exhibition run was truly awesome. While there, we heard some discussions that there may be Unlimited hydroplane and F 1 races at Lake Agnes in central Florida in the near future.
Should you, Fantasy of Flight, be involved as a primary sponsor as you were at Cypress you certainly would have the support of myself as well as all of my friends.
Thanks for the thrills and spills at Cypress.
Marc Bivona & friends
Apopka, Florida