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Story 6822 DJ AOL Ends Pop-Ups -2: Must Complete Current Contracts First
DULLES, Va. (Dow Jones)--AOL Time Warner Inc.'s (AOL) America Online Inc.
unit is no longer accepting third-party pop-up advertising, the company
announced at its launch celebration for AOL 8.0.
"The most important thing we offer advertisers is the chance to be part of a
service that consumers love, and we've determined that pop-ups aren't the best
way to do that," Chairman and Chief Executive Jon Miller said in a press
release Tuesday.
However, subscribers won't notice a significant change in pop-up ad
frequency until America Online works through its current contractual
The company plans to continue using various methods, including pop-ups, to
notify members about service features and occasionally make special offers
from AOL Time Warner. The company says members will be able to find and
change their marketing preferences more easily, and their opt-out requests
will no longer expire on an annual basis.
In July, women's media and Internet company iVillage Inc. (IVIL) eliminated
its pop-up advertisements based on a survey showing 92.5% of its audience
found the ads to be the most frustrating feature of the Web. It also cited
research showing pop-up ads can generate high brand awareness, but not always
in a positive way.
Company Web site: http://www.aoltw.com
-Nora Devine; Dow Jones Newswires; 201-938-5388


Hey, what took these idiots so long to figure this out. According to the above mentioned survey there must be 7.5% that have nothing better to do than read Pop-ups.