Three Irishmen are being treated by a speech therapist for stuttering. The therapist is a real looker and very curvy. She is finding it very difficult to make any progress with the three men and so she decides to try a reward system. She tells the three that she will have sex with anyone of them who can tell her where they were born without

The first Irishman stands up, says, 'B-B-B-B-Belf-f-f-f-ast' and sits down in disappointment.

The second Irishman says 'D-D-D-Dublin' and also sits down with a sad face.

The third Irishman says 'London'.

In amazement the therapist immediately grabs him, takes into the next room, from where there are sounds of frantic lovemaking.

After half an hour they return and the Irishman has a stupid, satisfied grin on his face.

Before restarting the session the therapist asks if there is anything that any of the men would like to say.

The third Irishman raises his hands and continues 'd-d-d-d-erry'