The difference between Christianity and all other "pagan" religions is this. Christians believe they will be saved through believing in the salvation of Jesus Christ. All others Believe you get to "heaven" through good works. Why else would the muslim blow themselves up. They believe suicide is the ultimate sacrifice and will get them a first class ticket to see mohammed. For all you athiests, Easter has nothing to do with bunnies. My 3 year old does enjoy looking for eggs, but for me and the rest of the Christian believers, it is the day our messiah was raised from the dead to prove who is the real deal. I guess to be an athiest you must believe our life is as meaningful as a dogs??? If not why is it wrong to kill. steal. screw someone elses wife, lie, cheat, etc. Please leave your door unlocked. I'll do a little sinning and ask for forgivness, and I guess you won't miss your sh-t!