I contacted Bennett Marine the first part of last week to consult with them on my best options for tabs. After chatting with them, I decided I wanted to go to the bigger, ST-16 Trim Tabs. (The boat came with ST-12s) I had them by Friday with regular shipping. They took very, very good care of me. They shipped out all new hardware, and get this, the new mounting plate has two rows of screws for the transom, and the bottom row of holes used the same pattern as the existing holes in the transom from the ST-12s!! I did not have to do any patching or curing on the transom!! It took a while to line things up correctly, but the cylinders mount to the tab at the same point with the 12s and 16s, so I did not even lose any travel with the new tabs. I am putting off winterizing and waitng for a nice day to go out, and test out the new tabs. Installation was a breeze!! The hardest part was installing in 20mph wind gusts, on the street beside my house, with cars whizzing by, and leaves blowing into the 4200! I will post my opinions/results with the new tabs as soon as I test!