Again, tonight I could not get motor to start. I swapped carbs, and finally got it to sputter, but still would not fire. I was so pissed I cranked way too long and cooked the starter, and the battery died. I went inside, ate dinner, tried it again. I managed to get it started. I check to make sure water is flowing by looking at intercooler dump, no water. I checked the exhaust, no water. The muffs were not on all the way!! I put them on right, now water is not being sucked in. I shut it down. Now it is pretty hot, rubber exhaust boots are bubbling slightly. I took apart the water pump. Was not in good shape but the impeller was in one piece and still should have worked.

I am sooooo discouraged with all this bull****. I will try a new impeller tomorrow. I just hope I didn't damage my exhaust.