Congrats guys and good luck on the Kilo Run.

For those that do not know Steve and Gary and the rest of the crew, I will put in my .02 cents.

These guys love boat racing more than anyone I know. They are insistant on having equal racing and go out of their way to help others when possible.

There are many times I have seen these guys helping other teams when their boat was not even ready yet. St. Cloud last year these guys actually dissassembled their own drive and put together a drive for their closest competitor. We worked on those boats all night while other teams were out partying.

I have seen this team even offer the engine out of their boat to another team. You don't get that too often.

At the races, these guys go out of their way to talk to interested fans and invite them into their clan. You can't help but get excited about racing around these guys.

Good Luck at the Kilos.