Hi Jennifer,perhaps I am just so tired of being impaled by some over zealous idiot who feels that they alone are protecting the country. I have travelled up and down the coast every few weeks and the same lame over fed slob asks the same stupid questions and then proceeds to interogate me too. Maybe the term numb is better, enjoy your trips, ***** if you must, but I think the general consensus is that its becoming so common place that we get a teeny bit testy when listening to others rant about it. Forgive me and indulge me. Try some of the countries in Europe and you will seldom complain about the inificient dolts who man our airports. Nuff said I hope your turkey day was good. Incidently my Porshe mechanic was worse but the ultimate is when trying to reclaim your cappucino machine from the latte nazi behind the counter. Buckk