They don't have back yards in Sweden. They pile up all there belongings that they accumulated their whole life and are buried with them. Whoever has the largest pile wins. They were way ahead of the "he who dies with the most toys wins crowd." This was way back in Viking times when the guys called berserks would eat magic mushrooms and sneak up on you in canoes (with steps of course) sometimes carrying the boats across many miles of land. Speed rails were just a convenient way to store their swords when the boat was upside down. They also invented dissecting people to study them. I think it has something to do with 24 hours a day of no sun in the winter. Nonetheless I will continue to drink Ocke's coolaid until I get my new 28 Skater. I was contemplating a new Saber, but somebody said they were a cult too. Geelhood or however it is spelled sounds Sveedish too. Come to think of it, what about Hdlein?

I heard a Sweed married a Palestinian and they named their first son Yasser You Betcha.

No offense meant to Sweeds, I was fascinated with the burial mounds and Berserks on my several visits there and all that was taking place while Americans at the time were still trying to figure out rubbing sticks together. Sweden has one of the longest boating histories in the world if not THE longest. Viking helmets were the first with wings, even before T2x.