Trader....I am disappointed in you....I gave you all that good free advice and you go and send her flowers...WTF are you thinking...Man been right where you are and I did all the same things...I WAS STUPID AS HELL...Take it from me. They never want what they can is the exact opposite of that. Set your sights on making her believe you are the winner and she is the looser in this war of the hearts. Smile each and every time you see her....but don;t speak to her...if you do then the war is on all over again... Man I was with maine for 10 years when she moved out on me....This was two years ago..guess what ,she pulled the exact same with me as your did...restraining order because I sent the flowers...Well, the tables are turned now. Three months after she moved out she saw me out on the lake with my new girl...The phone rang off the hook that night...NOPE did not answer....then e-mails...she used to refuse to answer mine but now she is e-mailing me three times a day..NOPE...never answered....I live on a dead end guessed it she now rides by to see what's up....NOPE will not wave at her...Get the picture? Incidently...her next move will be the old "let's be friends" deal...This is just cheese in the old trap for the rat (you). Don't go there either...Hang in there will respect yourself down the road for doing it the right way.