Here is a heads up for people that have web sites.

Got a call last night from the people hosting our web site telling me he was getting complaints that our web site was sending out spam mail & we needed to stop it. After discussing it with him it turns out that their web server had turned on a feature that you could send out mail from the web site. In talking to him this morning he told me we had over 800 hits to our web site to send out mail. After reading one of them this morning I realized that I have been getting about 3-10 emails a day that are being relayed from someones web site. If the first part of the email say "Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by" Then that company's web host server has this problem. If you look at who it is going to you will see someones website & then the email address of the people the spam is going to. The web site is the site that is getting attached.

When I see email like this from now on I am going to email the web master & tell them what is happening to them.