Finally got in touch with his girlfriend. He has already bought (or cashed in air miles) tickets to San Diego. He and several other players are going to SD to hang out and sell their tickets there (this is the same thing they did last year at New Orleans).

I told her to still get me the seat numbers off his tickets cause I might have them sold for him already... She said she would be seeing him again before he left and would get me the ticket info.

I know this is "last minute" stuff and you certainly would want more notice than this, but I am the one who screwed up my telling him I didn't need the tickets anymore in the first place. I just knew I didn't want to go anymore and nobody had raised their hands when I had tried to get a "bandwagon" together earlier for a ticket pool for whomever's team went (Puder I believe was in for Jets, but they dropped out earlier)...

At this point, I hate to try to arrange last-minute deals cause someone ends up getting reamed...

I do promise to call you at the number you left if I have HARD info on the tickets -