Well, my Kenwood head unit blew up end of last season, so it's time for a minor stereo rework. I'm looking for advice on fiberglass surgery in mounting amps and a sub. Hopefully someone can tell me if I'm about to make a major mistake.

I've got two amps, a 12" sub and maybe another set of 6 1/2's to go into my 272 Baja, in addition to the two sets of 6 1/2's already there (1 cockpit, 1 cabin). Here's the question...I'd really like to cut a place for a 16x24 recessed panel in the port bulkhead to mount the amps. Good access to the head unit in the cockpit, out of the way and good ventialtion possibilites. Will this big a hole in the bulkhead compromise any kind of structural integrity???

Also, strangely enough I am hesitant to cut the cockpit glass for the same structural issue. Not much choice if I want more two-way's I guess. Has anybody found alternatives for mounting subs? I've heard good things about cabin installations in terms of sound quality and obvious weather factors.

You gurus got any advice for me? I'd hate to trash my boat structurally for the sake of a pretty stereo install.