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Hey, there's a lot of people on this board that will tell you, NASCAR drivers are the mostly finely tuned athletes in the world...even at 50 years old, they are the best.

NASCAR is a joke! Yes, it's true I don't like it! Can't race in the rain...I met crash...pussies!
I doubt anyone on this board will tell you the drivers are the most finely tuned athletes in the world, that sounds like your fabrication. They are in similiar condition to any long distance racers, which to sya is very good candition, atleast most of them.

By the way, glad to see you are out of denial.

I think it's a poor call not to run the entire 500 miles. IT's one thing if it is a race at Richmond or something, but to only run 272.5 miles of the Daytona 500 is wrong in my opinion.

NASCAR Trucks and Busch cars have a rain package for road courses, not sure if the Cup cars do. They eat up the tires way to fast to run treaded tires on an oval.

26scarab, you are right about Funny Cars and Top Fuel.....WOOOW!!! They literally shake your entire body, man, that is cool. Gotta see it in person, just like all this other stuff, but I am partial to roundy-rounders and boats.....