Holland Michigan local SEA100 Boat Club Fun Run Schedule
6:15 start - entrance to Holland channel ( Old Point West)

Ride TO saugatuck for Dinnner, and back by 9:30pm

"SEA100" Schedule, (Guys Night Out )
Primary Date Day Make-up Date Day
May 27 Tue May 29 Thur
June 10 Tue June 12 Thur
July 8 Tue July 10 Thur
*August 5 * Tue *August 7* Thur
Sept 2 Tue Sept 4 Thur

* 3rd Annual SEA100 Poker Run event to raise money for a "Care Cause".

"SEA101s" Schedule (Couples Date Night )
Date Day
June 24 Tue
July 15 Tue
August 12 Tue

Pease let me or Rambunctious know if you are interested in participating in any of these events. We will then plan on you. Dinner is at Coral Gables and consists of a burger (and they are GREAT burgers) with all the fixins and frys (good frys!). Cost is $10 which includes tip and docking. Trust me, this is a GREAT deal.

note: sorry tabbing doesn't seem to work here, bottom line, tuesday nights unless rain

Waterfoul [email protected]

(and Rob, before you retaliate for my comments on the other thread, I simply cut and pasted your document!!!)