i bought a hatch off ebay that i was goign to use on my new dash as an access port to eth wiring and fuse panel. Veyr simple basic part. I saved like $20 buying it off ebay.

So the hatch arrives and I open it up. I realized the seller didn't include the little plastic hinges!!!

I called tempress to find out if i could buy just the hinges, expecting it would cost me a few bucks and shipping. Well first off The nicest lady picked up the phone and was more than happy to help me out. I gave her the part number of the hatch and she found teh right hinge for it. Unfortunatly the part number doens; tspecify a color hatch so it could have been: white, off white, cream, or gray. And i wasn't sure exactly what color it was. So I said just send the white it will be fine.

Well they sent me all the colors for free!!! No charge for the parts (all four of them, 3 i wouldn't even use) or shipping!

Granted they were probably $.20 parts but still, Its the princicple of the whole thing!

Its nice to get great customer service in any industry these days. In the marine industry its about as rare as a purple elephant playing a saxophone.

From now on i probably buy stuff directly from Tempress instead of ebay. yes it will cost me afew extra bucks but I reward top notch customer service with future business.