To sum up all the questions and to say THANKS to all concerned I will attempt to fill in the blanks.
The boat is finally out of the water as of Wed around 10:30pm it took six (6) pumps to raise it and a long time to do it. Don't know the cause as of yet. I'll only say that it is at a marina on the mid-Potomac.
Called the insurance co still waiting for a return call AS USUAL. The engines have been preserved but the rest is pretty much [email protected]
Other than that anyone who participated in the sinking of this boat will be given a beer in remembrance. Just kidding !!!
Will head down to the marina this weekend to view the damage and salvage what I can from the boat.
Let's just hope we can get the Black Thunder to float as well. We need to get that boat off of it's trailer so we can fix trailer. We can't even get the manufacter to return phone calls concerning the problems we have had with the loss of one wheel assy and ruined bearings. SEEMS to be par for the course this year. Maybe be just as well to take the year off and try again next year.

Thanks for all the concerns and will keep updating as information is learned