Here are the boats than started in today's SBI race in
Miami. In no particular finishing order. Sea was calm, light south wind. Sorry, didn't see all the winners, as I was at the point at Government cut.

S- 12 Deep V Cats (winner)
S- 1 Seatow
S- 18 Berrycuda
S- 77 Oceans

P- 4 (Donzi)
P- 5 Pittman Photo
P- 25 Hoggie
P- 44 Outlaw

V- 1 Muscle
V- 11 Instigator
V- 21 Firewater
V- 71 Shockwave (broke)
V- 99 Snatch

F- 210 Toy Store (broke)
F- 111 Fountain
F- 276 GMC

31 Rumor has It
224 Bacardi