Last night at about midnight, Im in that awake mode, but not aware of anything, right before sleep. Then the girl across the street has her boyfriend come over, in his Eclipse with a big fart can on the back. When he stops, to show his 103hp, he has to rev the motor till hit hits the revlimiter for a few seconds. This breaks me from my almost sleep daze.

Then at 6:00 this morning, my sister had 2 other people spend the night, then they were leaving with my mom to go to a school band concert, and had to leave by 6:30 So, they get in the shower 1 by 1, about an hours worth of showers, and turn on their gay boy band and punk crap, then they use my towels that I had hanging up. Then at Im guessing 6:25, a LOUD yell comes from my mom "Bus leavs in 5 minutes. Now the whole neighborhood dosent have to worry about looking at what time it is. Then I get in the shower about 20 min ago, get out and try to dryoff and all the towels are soaked. Last night they also got in the hot tub, gravel and grass are all in it now, cover was on so crooked. And I go to get a drink a few minutes ago, but no momhad to take my 24 pack of cold coke to share with strangers.

So, Im sitting here, drinking warm coke, in a soaking towel, trying to remember what time I work today.