Oh, listen to this one...
I work at a marina, and we have one of our floating lifts in the water here.
It rained like h*** on Friday, and one of the neighbors rental boats started to take in too much water for the pump to chuck out. So they come running into my office asking if they could put the 18' bow rider on my lift. Sure nooo problem.
We save this little craft and got it lifted when the water was hitting the belts on the 4.3 volvo.
The dock boy takes the plug out to relieve the little boat of its bloating...
I felt good, as I saved a boat.
It rained this weekend off and on.. Nasty at times.
Then yesterday all hell broke loose.
then I get a call this morning. Apparently the nucklehead had put the plug back in the boat, and the bilge pump is not automatic!
Filled that little boat right back up!
Then shes says"how do I get it down? We have to haul it out and drain it" So I asked her why they didn't jut pull the plug back out... Silence on the phone.
I got back to the office this afternoon and the plug was removed. Faint water line looked like the little guy was filled nearly to the spark plugs!