They are not going up as fast as houses, but houses won't continue at the pace that they have either I can't believe. If you let me know the development I will check with our commercial lenders, we have financed a lot of condo construction here at the lake. You do want to know who built it though because some do have issues and also some are going through some big updates and levy a hefty HO assessment.

In the long run a house should do better than a condo, but it is all in what meets your needs. We are seeing people buy houses just to tear them down and start over becasue of the lack of semi flat lots. I needed to live on the south or east side, usually you can do better on the KC side of the lake because you're not as close to the "hot spots" as Lake Ozark and Osage Beach.

Are you working with a realtor? Sometimes they have "pocket" listings, people that are thinking of selling but haven't listed.