I was retreiving my boat the other day when I backed it into very large submurged hole. This hole was so deep that the Dodge had some serious issues pulling it out-even with the boat unloaded. The entire tandem axle assembly on one side dropped into the hole causing the trailer to be supported by the frame. When I tried to pull the trailer out, the frame dragged on the edge of the concrete until it met the fender and tire. This is when things got ugly. The fender was litterally ripped off the step on its leading edge. After the welds failed, the fender was then pushed a couple of inches into the tire thus locking it in place. Some creative bashing pulled the fender back out so things are working again. The entire leading edge of the fender was welded to a step formed. When the weld failed, it left a large tear in the fender. As the rest of the fender looks ok, I believe that only the leading portion needs to be replaced. Has anybody ever had a fender replaced? I'm trying to figure out how much this is going to hurt me. I'm proably not going to put in a insurance claim. Been hearing too many stories about people getting dropped after a insignificant claim.

BTW-the ultimate twist of the knife came when we realized that SOMEBODY STOLE MY PROP! Argh