We made it out, but did not see any of you guys. I did finally catch up with Steve Rambo, aka Formula1. NICE LOOKING truck and Formula!

We put right before the fireworks at Tim's on Saturday night and, cruised over to Mattawoman for the night, (and it was DARK on the mid-Potomac with no moon). It was our first over night on the boat, and we really enjoyed it, aside from the 2AM rousing in the creek by all the drunks. Ater a nice run up to Alexandria for brunch on Sunday, we finished the day in Mattawoman. Neda had her first flight too, about 50-60 linear feet off of one of the dinner boat wakes. I got some sunburn, but it feels good like I actually finally enjoyed some summer. I sure am happy I spent more than two days sanding, buffing, polishing, waxing and cleaning, only to come home with damn Potomac algae ring on Sunday night! UGH!!!