Although sorrow filled the hearts of all of the GLSCS racers this past weekend in Mentor when Tim Walters of Erie Stinger P5-88 passed away at the throttles, there were moments that filled us all with happiness and pride. Tim would be happy, and very proud, to know that the racing continued.

We were not able to restart the first race (F1, One Design, Outlaw A, P4, & P5), but were successful in starting the second race with only an hour delay. Checkered flags went to F2-24 Lets Play Racing, SCL #19 Cat Can Do, P1-32 Agitator, and P3-3 Rascal (thanks for coming out of retirement for this one). Great job to all of our racers. You put on a great show.

Also, I think our Medical and Safety Team deserves a HUGE round of applause. You guys really showed us what you're made of last weekend. You responded with speed, and handled the entire situation with complete professionalism. Without you guys, we could not be racing. Thank you so much for all of your time and dedication to making our sport safe.

A big thank you to all who attended. It was great to see you all. And we hope to see you all again in 3weeks at the St. Clair River Offshore Classic (August 2-3). See you then, and don't forget Holly's words of wisdom...... PRE-REGISTER!!!!!!!! (You can send or fax all registrations to Holly Schieferstein). Please check the GLSCS website for more info: