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For those that didn't get to see here's some examples of the racing action

Superleague Races to be Featured
On Pro-Active Projects TV Program “Raceworld”

In a joint release, Pro-Active Projects and Powerboat Superleague have announced the inclusion of the Superleague circuit races in the new television program Raceworld. Aired on the Fox Sports World channel, the show can been seen weekly on Thursdays at 6:00 pm Eastern Time with a repeat the following Monday at 11:00 pm.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for us. We are already a part of Pro-Active’s number one rated Watersports program – Watersports World; being featured on the new show will increase our potential to attract new fans and perhaps additional sponsorship.” Stated Sherron Winer, Superleague partner. “Alan, Tommasina, their talented group of videographers and studio producers have earned their reputation with solid, professional programs that have staying power. Their original show has been on the air for 12 years and they have covered the globe, televising the sports spectrum from extreme to moderate in the quest to present the best and the unique to their audiences around the world. Their trust in us, in our circuit, and with our teams and sites really means that they consider us as having entertainment value – a key issue when deciding what to include in any given television show.”

According to Pro-Active owner, Alan Morton, “We’ve been building audiences within the global television sports community for over a decade with Watersports World. Demographics compiled and released from our satellite and network outlets indicate that homes watching the program (referred to as HUT levels) has been steadily increasing. It is now the world’s biggest watersports program – seen in more than 80 countries, and it continues to grow. We felt that the time was right to develop and produce a companion piece. With their reputation for exciting racing, a loyal following and interesting venues, including the Superleague circuit was on our list of priorities.”

The new program has started well, demographic information released from Fox sports shows that Raceworld currently pulls 18 million homes across the United States with each viewing, reaching a slightly older audience (similar to CART). Combining the two programs, the potential audience reach for Superleague will be in excess of 150 million homes in the United States – viewers in the adult (18-65 age group), primarily male niche/motor sport category. Superleague expects that the 2003 season will be featured sometime starting in the late fall – an excellent time since more fans are at home and available to watch the show.

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