FYI, from the LSL:

Man jumps off boat, presumed drowned

Incident occurs at 18-mile marker

By Joyce L. Miller

LAKE OF THE OZARKS - A 24-year-old Illinois man is missing and presumed drowned after jumping off the back of a boat near the 18-mile marker.

The Missouri Water Patrol is dragging a portion of the lake in search of Timothy Koester of Elizabeth, Ill.

Koester was last seen as he jumped off the back of a 20-foot SeaRay shortly after midnight Monday. The Water Patrol says it appears that Koester drowned in about 90 feet of water.

According to the preliminary investigation, the boat had left a waterfront establishment with Koester, the driver and five other passengers on board. The occupants of the boat said the boat was idling when Koester stood up and jumped overboard.

Although passengers didn't see Koester jump, they told officers they heard him hit the water and reversed the boat to go back and pick him up. When they couldn't find him, several passengers jumped in and tried to locate him. People on shore who heard what was happening reported the incident and joined in the search.

There was no indication that Koester hit the prop of the boat when he jumped overboard, the patrol said.

Drunken driving charges are pending against the driver of the boat, who was listed as a 20-year-old from Stockton, Ill.

Koester is the fifth boating-related fatality on Lake of the Ozarks this year. There have also been two drowning incidents investigated: one in Party Cove at the 4-mile marker on Grand Glaize Arm, the second nearly two weeks ago on Lake of the Ozarks near Truman Dam.