Need some shoulders to cry on...

Ran in the local poker run Saturday. Had the boat prepped and ready. Clean oil & new filters, everything checked and rechecked. New labbed Bravos. It was running as strong as it ever has.

The run started and we were in the over 65mph group, so we left last. Took off and the boat was doing great in the choppy water running with a couple other cats at 90+. We were out about 5 minutes, temps - good, oil pressure - good, smiling faces - good.

Then the left motor lost about 300 rpm. Hmmm?? Now "the sound" - thought it was a bearing in a drive unit so immediately pulled off the power and the port motor died. Damn! Tried to restart, but it's tight!

Idled to the dock on one motor, let it sit and it loosened up. It fired up instantly, but with a knock. I think I probably spun a main bearing. What do you think?

One of my passengers that was new to high preformance boating said "The greatest 5 minutes I've ever had!".

Anyway the motor comes out hopefully today or tomorrow and we should know the cause shortly. I guess it's just the price you pay for the games you play. Either way, I will NOT surrender! I'll be back on the water in a few weeks breaking it in.

Thanks for listening.